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Club Leaders Forum has invested the last 5 years to develop bespoke Partnerships with Human Longevity, Proactive Longevity, and Equilibrium Labs to deliver Wellness & Longevity services to Platinum Clubs.


Club Leaders Forum will offer a specialized Speaker Series hosted at your Club to support your Members in Managing their Trajectory of Aging, their Wellness, and their Longevity with the goal of expanding their healthspan to match their lifespan. You may select any or all topics from the Speaker Series and schedule them at your convenience in 2023 and 2024.


Managing the Trajectory of Aging. Physicians from Human Longevity will share with your Members innovations in genome sequencing and advanced diagnostics and how they can be used to Manage the Trajectory of Aging. They will also discuss how their team of clinicians and longevity experts can work with your Club staff to support the Members' bespoke program to Manage their Trajectory of Aging.


The Power of Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine. The team of doctors and scientists from Proactive Longevity will present the values and benefits of regenerative medicine and the options available in stem cell therapies to support the aging process.


Living with a Healthy Liver: The Central Hub of Wellbeing. Physicians from Human The medical team from Equilibrium Labs will educate on liver function and share the little-known challenges of fatty liver disease impacting 40% of the adults in the USA. They will also discuss how liver well-being improves mental clarity, energy levels, skin, mood, immunity, and sleep.


The Speaker Series is provided as part of the Platinum Club License Program at no additional cost to Clubs. However, Clubs may choose to schedule the presentation during lunch, an evening cocktail reception, or as part of an existing Club Program.


1. What is the Club Leaders Forum Wellness and Longevity Speaker Series?


Club Leaders Forum has arranged for longevity physicians to provide expert-led speaker series for Platinum Club members. These events take place over a 40-minute presentation followed by a Q&A session focused on Managing theTrajectory of Aging and are of no cost to the club. Other topics in the speakerseries to support Managing the Trajectory of Aging will include a presentation onRegenerative Medicine, Liver Health, and Sleep Therapy.


2. Why has Club Leaders Forum (CLF) formed a partnership with Human Longevity, and how does this benefit the Clubs and Members of the Platinum Clubs of America?


The partnership was created to provide Platinum Clubs of America and their Members with educational and diagnostic opportunities to manage their Trajectory of Aging through data-driven science and genetics with the foremost leader in this field.


3. Why is CLF committed to delivering Wellness and Longevity services to Platinum Clubs of America and their Members?


Over the last five years, Members of Platinum Clubs have increased their demand for wellness and longevity services in addition to the traditional fitness programs. To support Platinum Clubs in this highly specialized and ever-changing area, CLF is committed to delivering these services and programs.


4. What is Human Longevity?


Human Longevity combines the power of cutting-edge diagnostics, genetics, and world class clinicians for its Members. It starts with a comprehensive array of advanced testing to establish the Member’s unique baseline. Then, state-of-the- art diagnostics and precision longevity care are combined to help Members attain their best performance and manage their Trajectory of Aging.


5. Who founded Human Longevity?


In 2000, the world watched as Craig Venter, a brilliant geneticist, sequenced the first human genome. It was the start of the genomic revolution with the vision that one day, healthcare will be able to have data-driven, precision-based personalized medicine that can not only intervene but also eliminate cancers and significant diseases.


6. What is Human Longevity’s relationship with Harvard Medical School?


Human Longevity has a Strategic Collaboration with Massachusetts General Hospital, the original and largest teaching hospital of Harvard Medical School. Human Longevity Members can access experts via Human Longevity’s partnership relationship with the Mass General Hospital when needed.


7. What’s the difference between Human Longevity and the finest clinics in the world, such as the Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic, and Scripps, that perform Executive Physicals and/or provide Concierge Physicians?


Human Longevity is similar to a Private Club, with Membership benefits that extend beyond the day of the executive physical. Human Longevity Members engage in the most comprehensive executive physical, combining diagnostics such as Whole Body, Cardiac, Brain MRI, and genetic analysis utilizing artificial intelligence. Subsequently, Human Longevity works with Members and the staff at their Club to customize a program to Manage Their Trajectory of Aging.


8. How do I involve my Club in the Speaker Series?


To learn more about the Club Leaders Forum Speaker Series and the opportunities for your Club and Members you may contact Dennis W. Burns at the number below for more details.

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