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Platinum Clubs of America Forms

Clubs Previously on the Ballot ONLY

Private Clubs previously included on the ballot are encouraged to provide a brief presentation on how their Club meets or exceeds the Seven Selection Criteria outlined on this form. For example, Clubs in previous years have utilized fast-loading platforms such as Adobe Express, Microsoft Sway, a flipbook presentation, video or a dedicated webpage on their website.  

During the voting process, a presentation icon with a corresponding link will appear next the names of Clubs with approved presentations.*


Follow the links below to see examples of presentations from Clubs in previous election years and how they met or exceeded the Seven Selection Criteria

Flipbook Presentation — Bay Head Yacht Club
Adobe Express Presentation — Broken Sound Club

Dedicated Website Presentation — Baltimore Country Club
Microsoft Sway Presentation — Jonathan Club  


* All presentations are subject to approval by the Club Leaders Forum Advisory Board.

Private Clubs requesting to be added to the 2022 ballot for the Platinum Clubs of America election 2023-24 must apply with this form. The Club Recommendation Form allows General Managers, COOs, CEOs and Presidents/Owners to make recommendations to include additional Clubs on the ballot.


Voters may also recommend a Club’s removal by adding notes on why (such as bankruptcy, fraudulent acts or other situations that warrant removal). Contact information provided will be kept confidential. 


* All applications are subject to approval by the Club Leaders Forum Advisory Board. 

Club changes, position changes or other updated contact information please complete this form.

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