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Launched in 1997 by Club Leaders Forum, Platinum Clubs® of America was revitalized in 2014. Over the past two decades, Platinum Clubs has earned the reputation as the most respected recognition in Private Club Excellence. The inspiration for the concept came from John Sibbald who continued to hear Clubs profess “they were the best”. Mr Sibbald developed Platinum Clubs of America to allow Private Club Managers, Presidents and Owners to make that distinction.



The election to establish the top 5% of Private Clubs of Excellence takes place in the Fall of even years and is conducted over a 90-day period. The preliminary ballot is circulated to Private Club Managers across the country who have the opportunity to nominate additional Clubs to appear on the final ballot. Once complete, the final ballot is distributed to Private Club Managers, Presidents and Owners. To maintain transparency and accuracy, the election is conducted by a third party and the results are certified as true and correct. 


Platinum Clubs of America 2021-22 have the opportunity to apply for the Platinum License, which provides Clubs with the authority to use the Platinum Clubs of America logo, likeness and marks in all communication materials. The License Program includes various recognition items, a subscription to The FORUM, and invitations to exclusive events held by Club Leaders Forum. 



Get your Club ready for 2023-24. A team of consultants is assembled to provide a range of services to assist your Club to position itself for future Platinum consideration.


The Election


There are five Platinum Club of America categories for election: Country Clubs, Golf Clubs, City Clubs, Athletic Clubs and Yacht Clubs. In total, there are 300 Clubs that have earned the honor of being a Platinum Club of America in 2021-22. Clubs that were voted within five points of elected Platinum Clubs are acknowledged with an Honorable Mention, and are Candidates for Platinum status in 2023-24.

Clubs may only be recognized in one category. The Club’s official name is the primary consideration for the appropriate category designation, unless requested by the Club and approved by the Advisory Board.


A Preliminary Ballot—that includes previous Platinum Clubs and those receiving an Honorable Mentions—is sent to all Private Club Managers across the country. Managers are given the opportunity to nominate additional clubs to for the Final Ballot. If approved by the Advisory Board, Clubs are included in the Final Ballot, which is distributed by SportsHub Technologies, our third-party election manager. Club Managers also receive a second ballot for the Club President or Owner. 


The vote is conducted electronically and confidentially through a third party, SportsHub Technologies. This year, two Ballots were provided to over 4,100 Private Clubs across the USA. One Ballot was completed by the General Manager, Chief Executive or Chief Operating Officer, and the other by the Club President or Owner.  Voters were asked to select the Clubs in a specific order. The votes were submitted over a three-week period, and the total number of points received by each Club was divided by the number of voters to provide an average score. To qualify, Clubs must have received a minimum of 100 votes in the Country and Golf Club Categories and 50 votes in the City, Yacht and Athletic Club Categories.


Categories and Points

Country Clubs

1–3 = 100 points
4–10 = 80 points
11–25 = 65 points
26–50 = 50 points
51–75 = 40 points
76–100 = 30 points
101–125 = 20 points
126–150 = 10 points
151–175 = 7 points
176+ = 0 points


Country Clubs are typically defined as full-service Clubs with "Country Club" in the official name, offering a wide variety of social, lifestyle and recreational facilities and amenities in addition to Golf.

Golf Clubs

1–3 = 100 points
4–10 = 75 points
11–25 = 55 points
26–40 = 40 points
41–50 = 25 points
51–75 = 10 points
76+ = 0 points


Golf Clubs are typically defined as facilities with "Golf Club" in the official name. They are golf-centric, offering only a golf course or courses and practice facilities with Clubhouse amenities. In addition, some Clubs offer fitness and wellness facilities.

City Clubs

1–3 = 100 points
4–10 = 75 points
11–25 = 55 points
26–40 = 40 points
41–50 = 25 points
51–75 = 10 points
76+ = 0 points


City Clubs are typically defined as Clubs with "City Club" in their official name and are located in urban areas. City Clubs offer business meeting and banquet/function rooms, Member dining, athletic, wellness and fitness facilities. In addition, some City Clubs provide hotel rooms.

Yacht Clubs

1–3 = 100 points
4–10 = 75 points
11–15 = 55 points
16–20 = 40 points
21–30 = 25 points
31–50 = 10 points
51+ = 0 points


Yacht Clubs typically contain the word "Yacht" in their name and offer a marina, slips, and boating amenities, with Clubhouse facilities offering dining and recreational amenities.

Athletic Clubs

1–3 = 100 points
4–10 = 80 points
11–15 = 50 points
16–20 = 25 points
21–40 = 10 points
41+ = 0 points


Athletic Clubs are typically defined as Clubs with "Athletic Club" in their official name. Most Athletic Clubs have limited dining, meeting, and other recreational facilities. Some Clubs founded as Athletic Clubs, which have evolved over time, have requested to be included in the Athletic Clubs category. Other Clubs, including Beach Clubs and Racquet Clubs, are also included in the Athletic Club category.

What Club Leadership Has to Say


Oklahoma Golf & Country Club

After having been at the Club for over ten years, I was very humbled to receive the Platinum Club designation. Being recognized as a Platinum Club of America means so much to our Club.  From our team members seeing it as a reward for their accomplishments in raising our standards of programs and services, to seeing the pride in our membership in belonging to the Platinum Club of America. Our club culture is now set by this achievement and continues the drive to better serve our membership.


Boca West Country Club

To be continuously recognized as a Platinum Club of America is a great accomplishment that the Board and I are most proud of.  The staff and I have a shared vision to never accept the status quo and to always find ways to elevate service and to exceed Member expectations. To receive this recognition by Platinum Clubs of America for so many years truly validates our dedication and determination. Our Board has always considered this award as the benchmark of the Club industry.


Washington Athletic Club

The Washington Athletic Club takes great pride in our Platinum Club status. For our members and member leaders it brings well-respected recognition to their club. For our management and team members, it brings strong validation for the work and commitment to providing a comprehensive, premiere quality club experience for everyone involved.

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